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Legacy Case Information


Warning: Information for the Legacy Case Docket Search is not updated after April 21, 2021. If a Legacy Case has case activity that occurred on or after April 21, 2021, this will occur in CompFile, and will not be reflected in the Legacy Case Docket Search. Learn about the distinction between Legacy Cases and CompFile Cases.

You can obtain information online for all open and closed cases starting with cases that were open when our mainframe computer system started in 1983. You can search by case number, employee name or employer name.

When you go to the case docket website, type in the case number and hit the "Enter" key. For example, for case 13WC000001, type "13" in the first box, hit TAB, type "1" in the next box, and hit the "Enter" key.

The screen shows dates next to the terms, "FIRST," "LAST," and "NEXT." The dates indicate the FIRST time a case came up for a status call, the most recent time (the LAST time) the case came up for a status call, and the NEXT time the case is scheduled to come up on a status call. If "00/00/00" appears, that means no date has been set.

Please be aware that a status call date is not a trial date. Trial dates are assigned at the status call. If you have an attorney, please talk with him or her before coming to the Commission to confirm that your case is actually set for a trial. If you do not have an attorney, you do not need to appear at the status call unless:

  1. You (or the other side) have followed the proper procedures for requesting a trial date or filing a motion; or
  2. Your case has been on file for over three years, at which time you must appear to show there is a good reason not to dismiss your case.

To get details about the settlements and decisions issued on cases, click on the "More Info" button at the top right of the case information screen.

Note: Before 1985, the Commission numbered occupational disease cases as OD. These cases now appear as WC cases with an OD following the case number. To distinguish OD cases from WC cases with the same number, we have placed a "1" in the first field after the WC. If, for example, you wish to look up 78OD000500, type "78" before the WC, then type "100500." The system will display back "78WC100500 OD." For a brief time, the Commission identified settled cases as WS. To look up a WS case, type a "2" in the first field after the WC. There are only a few thousand OD and WS cases, all of which are closed.

Print screens are no longer available from File Room. Effective August 1, 2013, the File Room will no longer print and certify case screens for the general public. Case information is now readily available on the Commission website. In lieu of the certification stamp, your printer will indicate the date and time. This change will give our hard-working staff more time to process and pull files, thereby improving our service to you. We appreciate your understanding.

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