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Please use this link to complete the Arbitrator evaluations.

We are excited to announce assessments and self-insurance fees can now be paid electronically. Click here for instructions. 

CompFile Implementation

To access the CompFile web portal:

CompFile is the IWCC’s electronic filing and case management system. This webpage is your resource to learn how to use CompFile and how it can work for you.

CompFile Instructional Materials

Writen Materials –

CompFile User Manual – Part 1: Overview, registration, and settlements (excluding pro se settlements) 

CompFile User Manual – Part 2: Electronic filing, case claiming, and pro se settlements 

CompFile FAQs : Commonly Asked Questions


Helpful Reminders: Useful information to avoid missteps –

Instructions for Submitting Amendments to Settlement Contracts

PFR & Review Motions in Consolidated Cases

Placing a Case on Review

Amended Settlement = Previously Approved Settlement

IC41 Forms

Authenticating a Transcript


Videos –

CompFile YouTube Channel

WebEx YouTube Channel

Registration Playlist

Electronic Filing Playlist

Settlements Playlist


Resources for Pro Se – 

Resources for Pro Se – IWCC webpage


For support, do not hesitate to contact us.

CompFile Web Portal: Feedback Option (located on the homepage)


Phone: 312-814-6611 (Chicago)

About CompFile

CompFile is the IWCC's e-filing system for managing workers' compensation cases. The IWCC contracted with Microsoft to implement the CompFile system and kicked off the project in the summer of 2019.

CompFile includes the following features:

  • Online accounts for attorneys
  • Electronic filing of applications and other litigation documents
  • Electronic submission of settlement contracts
  • Electronic delivery of notices and decisions
  • Secure, online access to case information and documents

Some key benefits of CompFile include reduced usage of paper, real-time access to court filings and documents, immediate verification of successful filing, and electronic service of documents on counsel.