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Self-Insurer's Advisory Board

The Self-Insurers Advisory Board reviews applications from private companies for the self-insurance privilege and makes recommendations to the chairman of the Commission. The board also ensures the continued payment of benefits to workers of bankrupt self-insurers.

Self-Insurance Advisory Board Members

The chairman of the Commission chairs the SIAB and appoints six other members who are experts in workers' compensation self-insurance. One of the six members represents the general public. Members serve a four-year term, or until they are reappointed or their successors are named. 

Michael J. Brennan, Chairman 

Michael Castro, Insurance Program Managers Group

David Taylor, Charter Communications

Joan Vincenz, United Airlines

Shuiab Ahmed, ASA Law Group

Toni L. Herwaldt, Navistar

Gina Koenig, Ascension

IWCC contact person: Maria Sarli-Dehlin, Manager of Self-Insurance

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